Axial Structural Solutions develops all kind of projects both BAPV (Building-applied PV) and BIPV (Building-integrated PV) structures adapting to the specific conditions of each client´s building.

BAPV (Building-Applied PV)

PV structure is added to the building, adapting to its specific conditions after the construction is complete.

BIPV (Building-Integrated PV)

The special feature of these projects is that they must combine photovoltaic use with integration on the project installed, with the photovoltaic system itself being part of the structures or the enclosure of the project.

  • Marquesinas
  • Semirremolques
  • Cubiertas
  • Invernaderos Solares
  • Carport

Among the more usual solutions of BAPV or BIPV, there are flat roof-top and tilted roof-top systems. Both types can be fixed with different anchoring systems such as ballasted or direct anchoring system.
Axial Structural Solutions has its own team of engineers prepared to develop the project in any part of the world.
Our engineering team works from early stage of the construction reviewing the layout and work schedule, and also providing ideas to improve the production and performance.


This project is based on an idea of canopy to create shade on public spaces for recreation, exhibition, relaxation, etc. The upper part combines photovoltaic use with awnings so as to produce more shade. The energy of the solar panels stored in batteries can feed all the auxiliary systems and its own movement; it is therefore completely independent. The auxiliary systems can be chosen by the client and may have lighting, sound, spray system for refreshing the atmosphere, etc.


This Greenhouse model takes advantage of Solar Energy to maintain the inside temperature constantly. Thanks to this type of agricultural installation, we can gain not only money saving but also crops grown by completely ecological energy.


The roofs of car park space usually with no use can be a high energy performer. Axial designs, manufactures and installs these PV integrated systems which optimize the solar energy production providing, at the same time, careful and contemporary design.