Axial Structural Solutions is a benchmark in the design and manufacture of fixed structural systems and solar trackers for photovoltaic installations. From the beginning, as expert manufacturers of photovoltaic structures, Axial has become a partner with experience, international presence, prestige and a great accumulated know-how.

Axial’s business project is based on a high level of technological development, providing great advances in the design and manufacture of solar structures and trackers for photovoltaic installations.  Axial is present throughout the project, from its initial design to its execution, in order to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction through its products and services.

In recent years Axial Structural Solutions has undergone a consolidated growth that has led it to be a company of reference in the photovoltaic sector.


To provide our customers with quality structural systems, responding to all their needs throughout the process of design, manufacture and installation, fulfilling the commitment acquired with them and reaching the highest quality standards.


Axial Structural Solutions aims to consolidate itself as a world reference in the manufacture of structural systems and solar trackers, helping the development of the photovoltaic energy sector and promoting values of commitment to society and the environment.



Experience, great international presence and specialization, which makes us the ideal partner for photovoltaic projects.



We work to bring great progress in the design and manufacture of fixed structural systems and solar trackers.



Quality of our products and services, to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction.



Commitment to our customers, society and the environment.

Alonso Group is an international company that encompasses around a hundred companies operating in the logistics, energy, construction, automotive, services, leisure and food sectors. With a turnover of more than 945 million euros and more than 2,000 workers, Alonso Group operates in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Axial Structural Solutions is part of the Alonso Group, with all the advantages that this represents for the logistical capacity in our international projects, at the level of document management, security, guarantees, financing, insurance and compliance with delivery deadlines.


Axial Structural Solutions collaborates with various organizations in the renewable energy sector for the development of the photovoltaic energy sector, the reduction of CO2 emissions, and training within a philosophy of sustainability in the use of energy locally and globally.