Axial Structural Solutions has its own technical office and a great team of expert engineers in designing and mechanical calculation. Our professionals, under constant training, handle the most advanced calculation and 3D design software.

We work on customized engineering studies for each project we carry out. Each structural system is treated individually along with prior geotechnical and topographical studies and local regulations. The best system is designed and calculated so as to comply with the specifications of our clients.  This allows us to adjust the materials and cut the product cost without sacrificing quality and security.

Our Engineering Department is capable to calculate in any place of the world. We adapt to the different calculation standards according to the region where the project is developed.

Our whole process of engineering and production throughout design, calculation and development follows rigorously the procedures of UNE EN1090 and ISO 9001:2015 Standards, of which we have been certified by the control company TÜV Rheinland.

In all our projects, we provide a technical report of the product or system, an assembly manual and quality certificates for raw materials according to UNE EN1090 Standard and CE marking to the clients regardless of project scale.


Photovoltaic projects not only include a study of the structural system but also a complete analysis of the terrain, the environment, and calculation regulations so as to give our clients a made-to-measure solution for each project. We have a great capacity for calculation all over the world, as our internationalization has allowed us to get to know and adapt to the various calculation regulations applicable in each country or region.