At Axial Structural Solutions we consider research, technological development and innovation to be fundamental pillars of our business strategy. These three key elements allow us to be agile and competitive in a constantly evolving market.


Our R&D team continuously develops new technological and mechanical updates, becoming a company capable of facing the demand of an increasingly demanding market and aware of the need for more personalized products and services, quality and competitive prices. We are capable of designing, manufacturing and delivering practically any fixed or mobile photovoltaic installation, adapted to the specific condition of each location.


At Axial we have many examples of our own developments and special projects carried out by our teams of engineers, with the aim of improving our competitiveness in the market, or in collaboration with customers who have needed new solutions that did not exist until now. These projects give us the opportunity for improvement, creativity and improvement for everyone, not only for our client, but also for our company and its researchers and technicians.


But innovation does not begin and end in our R & D department, we understand innovation as a responsibility of the whole company, is an attitude that we promote and integrate in the company’s day to day.

R&D+i Axial: ML Axial Tracker Project

The new ML Axial Tracker product, with an intelligent design and simple assembly, is the new solar tracking system created by Axial Structural.

The ML Axial Tracker project is co-financed by the Generalitat Valenciana (through IVACE) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).