Axial Structural Solutions is in charge of the manufacture, reception and pre-assembly of different components of the structural system designed and planned by our Engineering Department.

From our central office we control the traceability of the products and verify the manufacturing situation all the time from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery to the clients, allowing us to measure the installation equipment and feedback to the client throughout the process.

All our structural systems bear the CE Marking conferred by UNE EN1090 Standard. Axial designs and manufactures the technical solution that best fits the project of each client.  Our structures are of high quality and are provided with 25 years warranty.

Our production area is divided in three sub-departments so that our structural systems would comply with high standard quality:

  • Purchase: responsible to obtain the necessary raw material for forming of the structure components as well as purchasing other auxiliary parts such as nuts and bolts, aluminum, etc.
  • Manufacture: responsible to control the different production lines of the structure components, working on continuous improvement in quality as well as time and costs.
  • Logistics: in charge of the delivery of components to different work-sites, monitoring the reception of raw materials, the arrival of the parts at the galvanization plant, and the delivery of galvanized parts to work-sites.
fabricacion Axial
fabricacion axial structural solutions
fabricacion axial structural solutions

We have a great variety of manufacturing processes according to UNE-EN10162 Standard. Our production capacity of structural systems is 75 MW per month with a wide range of the sections which adapt to each system designed by our engineering.


  •  Bolted Joints: We generally use INOX A2 and A4 bolts in our projects, providing better performance against environmental corrosion and tranquility to our clients

  • Galvanization: Hot-dip zinc galvanized process is carried out according to UNE-EN/ISO1461 Standard, increasing the coating thickness depending on environmental corrosion.

  •  Aluminum Structures: We also own aluminum production lines for different projects which require this material (Solar Roof, Areas with high corrosion rate, Panel fixing, etc.)