The business objective of Axial Structural Solutions is the development of a business with the aim of promoting the growth of renewable energies and conserving the environment. As a company in the sustainable energy sector, our business philosophy is based on the protection of the environment, sustainable development and respect for nature and its natural energy sources. We deeply believe in the need to raise awareness and train, in addition to supporting the organs of influence, to facilitate the implementation of solar energy.


To contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, Axial Energy Solutions has its own implementation of photovoltaic panels for internal energy supply. The solar installations have been developed and built by Axial, consisting of 400,000 Wp, installed on the roofs of Axial buildings and other Grupo Alonso companies, maintained by Axial.


Although photovoltaic solar energy is characterised by its reduced environmental impact, at Axial we make it a priority to minimise the effects of our activity on the environment. In our projects, environmental impact analyses are carried out before any implementation to ensure that the impact is as minimal as possible.


The generation of value is a continuous requirement for Axial Structural Solutions, understanding it as a constant commitment to team building, personalized attention to the professional development of each of the people in the company, but also the commitment to the social development of our environment.

Corporate social responsibility at Axial Structural Solutions is reflected in initiatives to promote the growth of the individual and society. Our firm objective is to support the training of professionals, promote awareness of sustainable energy and respect for the environment, the well-being of people and the development of the groups in which we carry out our business activities.

We are currently collaborating with universities to train future engineers, technicians and researchers. We collaborate with associations in the photovoltaic energy sector for the development and promotion of sustainable energies as a key to the future environment. And we support local children’s and young people’s organisations for their personal development through sponsorship of sporting and cultural events.

    • Support for grassroots sport by collaborating with the Llíria Basketball Club
    • Collaboration with the Valencia Polytechnic University for research, calculations and tests in new R+D+I projects
    • Commitment to the industry and development of the regions where we develop our activity
    • Donations and collections for Caritas for the help of people in need
    • Concerts and cultural events for young people