The corporate purpose of Axial Structural Solutions is to develop the business which promotes the growth of renewable energy.
As a company in the sustainable energy sector, our corporate philosophy is based on the protection of the environment, sustainable development, and respect for the nature and natural resources of energy.
We strongly believe in the needs of awareness and education as well as the support to influence organizations in order to facilitate the implementation of solar energy.


In order to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission, Axial Structural Solutions has its own PV System to feed the internal energy grid.
The installation has been carried out by Axial Structural Solutions, and it consists of 400,000 Wp rooftop system on its own building and other companies of the Grupo Alonso.


Although PV energy is renowned by its low environmental impact, the priority of Axial Structural Solutions is to minimize the effects of its activities on the surroundings. In all our projects, we analyze the environmental impact before installation of PV Systems to ensure that the impact is as low as possible.


Value Creation is a continuous requirement for Axial Structural Solutions. We consider it as a constant commitment to team training and individual support for professional development, but also a commitment to the social development of our surroundings.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is reflected by initiative to encourage the growth of the individuals and society. Our primary aim is to support professional training in order to encourage the awareness of sustainable energy, personal wellbeing, and also commitment to the social development of our surroundings.

Currently we collaborate with Universities so as to train future engineers, officers and researchers. We also collaborate with Associations of PV energy sector for development and growth of sustainable energy as a key of the environment future. We support the local organizations for children and youth for the purpose of their personal development by means of sponsoring sport and culture events.

    • Support for Grassroots Sport collaborating with the Llíria Basketball Club
    • Collaboration with the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia on research, calculations, and tests in new R&D projects
    • Commitment to Industry and Social Development of the regions in which we carry out our activities
    • Donations and Fundraising for Cáritas to help underprivileged people
    • Concerts and Cultural Events for youth