Axial Structural Solutions has its own team of engineers prepared to develop the project in any part of the world.

Our engineering team works from early stage of the construction reviewing the layout and work schedule, and also providing ideas to improve the production and performance.

 Axial’s installation team differs from the others by its organizational structure. An Engineer is responsible for the supervising and the overall direction of the Site Manager (responsible for supervising the installers), the Logistics Manager (responsible for the control and coordination of material supply) and the Quality Manager (responsible for the quality control of the process).

These four figures allow us individually to monitor the work staffs, quality of the work and material supply achieving the high quality, safety level and perfect coordination so as to reduce any possible incident and help us to meet the deadlines set by the client.


Axial carries out all kinds of foundations and installation of structural systems and solar panels.


Our survey team consists of professionals with extensive experience in the placement of PV parks and anchor points of the structure, which are the vital elements for the successful start of execution.

axial hincadora construcción

We carry out installation of all kinds of solar panels regardless the typology. In addition, once we finished the whole process, we ensure the traceability of solar panels already installed.

PFV Les Mées 10MWp3

According to the geotechnical survey, we propose the most economical solution completely customized to the client’s needs.

Different types of anchoring system:

Ramming: after extensive experience in the installation of this anchoring system, we have improved and optimized several techniques, which combined with engineering solutions, is the best technical and economical solution whenever the terrain allows.

Isolated Footing or Micro-pile: our team of installers is prepared to work on concrete foundation, piles and micro piles for anchoring the photovoltaic structures. The optimum system is chosen in the stage of previous study taken into account any necessary adjustment depending on the soil and the exact location of the structures.

Screw Foundation: in case of complicated surfaces, we can use the screw foundation which is more expensive technique but very effective and feasible in some of the projects. Although this type of anchor is not usual, Axial provides this anchor system with full guaranty to the client.