Devon – Reino Unido – 19,25 Mw

Devon – Cornwall Reino Unido 19,25MWp 19,25MWp Topografía Ejecución de hincados Fabricación de zapatas de hormigón Suministro estructura Montaje estructura Colocación módulos Logística a obra Hincado + anclaje hormigón Hincado/Hormigón Biposte 2×11 Acero S235JR, S275JR 25º 50 días 4 parques en distintos sitios

mercado chileno axial tracker

Axial’s Solar Tracker with Blocking System successfully implemented in the Chilean market

Chile is one of the Latin American countries with the most promising outlook for Axial Structural Solutions in 2020. José Luis Fayos, CEO of the company, stated during the last Energyear Conosur that “Axial ended 2019 with a significant number of projects in the country and in 2020 we have started with a large volume of projects underway”. Company which is currently consolidating his Solar Tracker with Blocking System in Chilean projects.